220 junior high girls attended TechGirlz a hands on, all day event for girls at Jack’s Urban Meeting Place in downtown Boise.

TechGirlz is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology occupations, by focusing on girls at the crucial middle school age.  Through workshops featuring science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) girls can see there’s more to tech careers than just coding. The event inspires girls to explore the possibilities of technology and empower their future careers.  After attending a TechGirlz event 81% of girls change their mind about a tech career… Read more

W.IN organized the keynote panel for the Social Impact Track at Boise Start Up week.  The panel explored how diversity and social impact affects people and culture, products and product development, as well as growth potential at companies.

Each of the companies and members represented are dedicated to social impact, and bring a unique point of view. Idaho Women in Leadership also provided a packet to panel attendees with next steps and training resources so attendees could take away concrete action items from the panel.

In a world where many thousands of open technology jobs are unfilled and where talent is queen, are we doing everything we can to make tech accessible to everyone? The largest un-tapped demographic for technology talent is women, but what can we do to bring more women into technology and engineering?

Dr. Patricia Colberg from University of Idaho lead a panel of female technologists through a conversation about our successes and failures in bringing more women to technology. Panelists included Alecia Hoobing of Women Innovators, Meredith Ganz of VYNYL and Women Innovators, and Nilab Mousa of Clearwater.

Over 75 high school girls attended SheTech Explorer Day, a hands-on tech conference for high school girls 9th through 12th grade in Boise, Idaho.  The day long event included workshops in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as a keynote speaker, breaking a Guinness World Record and a tech challenge.  Popular workshops were Wolves, Wildlife, and Conservation, Girls who Code, Doing what you love, and Hack the Gender Gap.  The goal was to expose girls to technology in a fun atmosphere as well as to meet STEM role models and to learn more about opportunities in STEM fields… Read more