TechGirlz is a hands-on tech conference for junior high girls.

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8am – 8:45am: Check In

8:45am – 9am: Welcome

9am – 10:30am: TechChallenge

10:30am – 1:45pm: Workshops

1:45pm – 2pm: Closing

TechGirlz includes hands-on workshops in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Our vision is to create a world where girls have a lifelong passion and confidence in their use of technology throughout their careers.  Join us in inspiring girls to explore the possibilities of technology and empower their future careers.

2023 Workshops

SheTech presents a wide range of career workshops – including many you may never have heard of – to expand perspectives on all that’s possible with STEM.

Intro to Surgical Techniques and Healthcare

Learn about careers in health and get some hands-on practice with surgical suturing

Sail Away! Penny Boat Competition

Aluminum Foil Boats - STEAMing Into The FutureGet a taste of engineering with the University of Idaho by designing, building and testing a small boat. The boat with the strongest design wins!

Virtual Health Education

“Hey Siri, what is COVID-19?” – Ever wonder how a virtual assistant interprets questions and turn them into answers? In this workshop, we will use activities to demonstrate how natural language processing works and allow participants to use SSML (speech synthesis markup language) to turn written words into spoken words as a “mock” virtual assistant.

Discover Your Strengths

Think you know what you’re good at? Get a deeper look at your most unique strengths, how they set you apart from the crowd, and how they set you up for success in a STEM career in this introspective workshop.

The Wonderful World of Pharmacy

What is a Compounding Pharmacy? | Stanley Specialty PharmacyMake your own bath bomb or soda and learn about the world of compounding and pharmaceutical science!

Sail Away! Penny Boat Competition

Aluminum Foil Boats - STEAMing Into The FutureGet a taste of engineering with the University of Idaho by designing, building and testing a small boat. The boat with the strongest design wins!

Crash! Boom! OH NO! That Didn’t Go as Planned… Now What?

Discussing problem solving within the STEM realm. Including a hands on building activity focussing on structures and stress analysis.  Will the structures stand or will they “squish”?  Plus a robot demonstration by FRC team 5461 V.E.R.N.

Coding a Retro Arcade Game

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Overview | manminchurch.seCreate your own retro arcade game by programming with Microsoft MakeCode! 

Biomechanics: Your Body in Motion!

What Are Biomechanics? (And Why Do They Matter?) - Competitive EdgeCome learn about Biomechanics from mechanical and biomedical engineering college students. They’ll teach you how to become a researcher by collecting data on electromyography sensors and video-based motion capture!

Colorful Chemistry

Colorful Chemistry | KiwiCoExperiment with the way different household acids and bases interact with pH indicators to change color, ultimately using this knowledge to “paint” with their chemicals on a red cabbage background!

Wind Turbine Design & Build with Idaho Power

Light Wind: Electricity & Environmental Science Activity | Exploratorium  Teacher Institute ProjectIn small groups, you’ll work with other students on how design and build model wind turbine blades to generate as much electricity as possible! You will also learn about careers in the fast evolving energy industry.

Think Make Create Lab

Think Make Create Labs Project – Idaho Out-Of-School NetworkExplore the wonder & excitement of STEM from our STEM trailer with different hands-on activities.

Picture Yourself in a Green Job!

Green jobs are alive and well, and these 6 companies prove it | GreenBizIs this your future? An important job that makes a positive difference in the world, high demand for your kind of work, a comfortable living wage, a healthy work-life balance. Explore the growing world of “green” jobs at this interactive session. If you have a device to get online, please bring it.

A Selfie with Your Future Self

Pune,India Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) DevelopmentExplore digital drawing tools and augmented reality (AR) technology by designing their own version of their future selves. Students use their imagination to draw their own future selves and place them in an AR environment for a most excellent selfie!

Break High Speed Board Design

Electrical Engineering - Powered by IEEEA demonstration of types of transmission line and how signals propagate through them.

Idaho Botanical Gardens

Learn about STEAM opportunities at the Idaho Botanical Garden and how our Education Team facilitates learning experiences in our outdoor living museum. Here’s your chance to build new skills, try educational tools, plan for your exciting future, and have fun!

Tie Dye Chromatography

Chromatography Color Experiment For KidsLearn about Chemistry through Tie Dye!

The Science of Slime

Kids Slime Science - Learning about Polymers — Upstart MagazineEverybody loves Slime! So, why not make a workshop out of it. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with slime and learn the science behind this favorite non-Newtonian fluid. The Science of Slime! takes slime to another level.

Tech Zone

The TechZone is a “trade show” where students meet 20-30 STEM companies, schools and organizations throughout Idaho.

Examples of past Tech Zone attendees:

  • Biomark
  • Idaho State Police Forensic Services
  • Idaho Power
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • Women in Aviation
  • Micron
  • Boise Aquatic Science Lab
  • Intuit

Tech Challenge

The TechChallenge is a place to ideate, solve and pitch a solution to a real-world problem with the help of STEM industry mentors. 

Past challenge topics: 

  • Finding a solution to hunger during COVID 
  • Designing a better to-go container 
  • Lighting a room with renewable energy 

Educator Workshops

SheTech is a great place for educators to bring something new back to the classroom as well.

Past workshops included:

  • Grant writing
  • Design thinking

Are you an educator and want to see a particular topic at SheTech? Email

All genders and identities are welcome at SheTech.