Over 75 high school girls attended SheTech Explorer Day, a hands-on tech conference for high school girls 9th through 12th grade in Boise, Idaho.  The day long event included workshops in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as a keynote speaker, breaking a Guinness World Record and a tech challenge.  Popular workshops were Wolves, Wildlife, and Conservation, Girls who Code, Doing what you love, and Hack the Gender Gap.  The goal was to expose girls to technology in a fun atmosphere as well as to meet STEM role models and to learn more about opportunities in STEM fields.

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My daughter liked the content but LOVED the opportunity to learn from other women in tech.  She had no idea that many women and girls are interested in STEM.

Most importantly, she requested to meet with her career counselor at school to be placed back in the advanced math and science courses for next year (she did great in these classes as a freshman but requested to transfer out as a sophomore).  And, she’s asked to get more information on applying for the Chickadees all-girls FIRST robotics team.  SheTech gave her an opportunity to envision herself on an education and career path that she had previously began to think was for boys.  Thank you for the impact that your group had on my daughter and, I’m sure, so many other girls!

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