Kelli Parker 
Operations Partner, Women Innovators 
Manager, HP Inc. 

Kelli Parker is a manager for HP Inc.’s software business who focuses on go-to-market programs and communication strategies.  She is a Boise native who spent ten years living in a quaint French village where she discovered her love for rock climbing, cheese and the importance of a strong community.  When Kelli returned to her hometown she reacquainted herself by becoming an active volunteer and service leader. Kelli sits on the Board for the St. Luke’s Health Foundation as well as for the St. Luke’s Community Health Board.  She is also on the Marketing Committee for the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation and is an advocate for the Arts and Humanities.

In addition to her nearly two decades of experience in a Fortune 500 company, Kelli has worked in Sales for a well-known winery in Napa Valley and managed one of Boise’s first wine bars.  She is a writer and book artist who loves to travel and entertain.